What is a 'Mod'?

The majority of the Mods (or 'Moderators') are employees who work in various forms at DIY. In addition to moderating projects, we help make sure the community is following the guidelines. Currently you have to work at DIY to become a Mod but we're contemplating adding ways for the general community to continue their DIY journey to eventually become Mods.

And yes, the Mods are adults...the only ones allowed on DIY. But don't worry, we're cool. I promise. ;-)

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    I would definitely recommend making it to where anybody who gets all their badges and continues to use the app can become a MOD. Also, if that is to wide of a range, then you can go into anybody who masters all of the badges, (completing 6 challenges vs 3). If you still don't like my thoughts, you could even go into anybody who completes EVERY single challenge, but that's a little extreme, don't you think? Please take this into consideration just so that way other people have the chance to be MODs to. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the feedback! Rest assured we're brainstorming ways to incorporate more moderators into DIY moving forward as well as a better way to recognize those who are masters of a skill. Thanks for your patience while we work hard to release these improvements to the community!

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